Let the aroma of the best coffee in Muizenberg, gear you up for the waves awaiting you! The early morning will be spent in Muizenberg where we will enjoy a tour of WAWA surfboard Shop in Muizenberg, here they build wooden surfboards that are inspired by the intuited hydronamic genius of the ancient Hawaiian board builders. Handcrafted, Wawa boards allow for a wave sliding experience that, until recently, lay buried in the dust of museums. A surfing experience of profound purity and unbridled, utterly gratuitous, fun. Why wood? - When selecting wood, they look for a combination of lightness and durability. This requirement usually leads to various woods traditionally used for boat building. Sourcing mainly woods grown locally, favourites are alien species such as Swamp Cypress, Pencil Cedar and Redwood. Offering the boards great flex, wood remains the most natural and beautiful of materials you can work with as a board shaper. Being very selective with the wood used for each board further drive products that reaches far beyond the bounds of mass production.

Having accomplished a mornings stroll and coffee on the Muizenberg stretch, we will head through Kalk Bay towards Simon’s Town to search for our own rogue penguins – a splinter colony far from the crowded boardwalks over the main breeding site, on a beach known only to locals. Perhaps if the weather is favourable you could test out your balancing skills on a stand-up paddle board to really get to know the penguins in their own environment. Your guide will tell you more about the rich history surrounding this naval town, the museums and monuments provide plenty of insight into this historical harbour town.

We will then continue on to the Cape of Good Hope, stopping to enjoy a Wild Gourmet Picnic along the way at one of our favourite coves. In the peninsula reserve we will enjoy a gentle hike exploring secluded beaches, shipwrecks and this region’s unique wildlife while on the hunt for the Cape 5 (Ostrich, Baboons, Mountain Zebra, Bontebok and Tortoise).

The return journey weaves back to Cape Town via Noordhoek, time allowing stopping to explore the local craft shops in the farm village before returning back over the scenic coastal road of Chapman’s Peak Drive, where we will stop to enjoy some early evening Sundowners at Llandudno.